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- The area of ​​the apartment is 140 square meters and 100 square meters of two roof balconies (east and west).

The office's favorite project which is full of creativity and design- penthouse BNEI EPHRAIM, in Tel Aviv.
As enthusiastic hosters, our customers wished for comfortable home in&outdoor, accessible and welcoming for children and pets.
They purchased the fifth floor penthouse in Hadar Yosef in the Tel Aviv penthouse, which was added as part of the TAMA building for the 1960s.As they stated in our first meeting, "It's a home for living", so already in the initial design, we defined a number of desirable bedrooms / accommodations, many storage spaces to fit the family's needs in the future. As design enthusiasts, they wanted to reflect their personal style that we sharpened during the design process with  many inspirations we drew on to get a desired color & material palette.
Our design based on colorful pallet of materials and resistant fabrics carefully searching for balance of functionality&aesthetic as well.





100mr  penthouse, with a 50mr roof top balcony.


The focus of the current renovation was the top floor, designed solely for the comfort of her guests, in the future she intends to add a staircase to connect it to her apartment.


Situated in a unique urban location in the northern part of Jaffa, this apartment enjoys triple sided ventilation and a large balcony with panoramic views overlooking the sea, Old Jaffa and the ever changing skyline of Tel-Aviv. 


We wished to incorporate her love for art ,her unique collection of Michail Grobman paintings and her vintage collection originating from the local flea market in the design. To achieve that we designed a contemporary space and chose a monochromatic color palette that provides a clean background for the eclectic and vibrant collections of art and furniture.