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- 140 square meters+ 250 sq meters Garden.

Design for a young family with two children and another one on the way.

We learned how the family conducts its daily life, and what the needs are in the developing family unit with an emphasis on shared entertainment and hospitality spaces.

Of course, the individual spaces of each member of the house were not neglected either. The parents' suite received special treatment and became a warm and cozy space to stay in, one that is pleasant to wake up in the morning  and also end the day in.

We used a warm color palette while taking into account that the mobile elements in the house will change along with the growth and needs of the family, so we kept a clean line that will allow more content to be cast in the future.




-  100 square meters, including a balcony.

An example apartment project forced us to get out of the box and plan under time and budget constraints while reflecting the potential of the space for purchase and emphasizing its uniqueness.

this building has two completely different entrance facades- one facing the bustling Namir Street, while the other facing the quiet pastoral Clay Street. 

The design reflect the peace & quiet which surrounds it. We chose white metals and carpentry for the living room and kitchen in order to ventilate the space and create a wide feeling for a relatively small space. At the same time, in order to emphasize the bustling and Tel- Avivian life that takes place beyond the walls of the apartment, we combined bright and saturated colors like a sofa in terracotta, a green wall and plants that bring life and cheerfulness.



100mr  penthouse, with a 50mr roof top balcony.

Sample apartment in the Sharon Towers project, The Green Avenue, Azur.

The project is designed to attract a family that is looking for and appreciating space, quality and design. The goal set by the marketers was to design an apartment with wide spaces, clean design and a luxurious look.

The kitchen, living room and dining area are open and look at each other, an element that gives a space sense , diverse perspectives and allows a comfortable transition between functions.

The colorfulness matches the clean design of the entire apartment, and is characterized by combinations of white, graphite and oak. To create interest and break the monochromaticity, a green sofa and a light leather armchair were set up in the living room, as well as works of art that also add touches of color.


- The area of ​​the apartment is 100 square meters, including a balcony. 

Our customers wished to adapt the apartment space to the family's needs. As a hospitality enthusiast, a spacious living space with open kitchen and dining area, sun terrace, master bedroom (preferably with en-suite bathroom), a children's room with a future 2-bedroom option, and a comfortable work space for home work are sought. 
The occupants asked for a modern and simple style design, while maintaining durable and functional materials.

We used monochromatic, up to date color palette was combined with a natural oak floor
As a backdrop for rich, colorful furniture that expresses the unique style of homeowners who love up-to-date design and style.