This project is the second branch of the legendary Brooklyn Pizzeria, located on King George Street in Tel Aviv.

Our design takes inspiration from the street and sports culture of the 1970s in America, and American pop art, characterized by a base color palette (red / blue and yellow) and simple geometric shapes.

The central seating area has been designed as a tribune which offers informal seating and allows street views. Special emphasis is given to the selection of natural and "simple" materials, so we exposed beams and concrete pillars, the walls of the building built of silicate bricks and painted in white and neutral as a backdrop for the colored cladding, which highlights the geometric game in space. the floor is also made of natural concrete, on which epoxy color strips are characteristic of various sports fields.
The walls are decorated with paintings by the artist Edgar Raphael, who continued the colorful pop-up color to complete the street "atmosphere" we designed.



This project was planned for a new brand of American style Pizza place is placed in one of the busiest streets of Tel Aviv, with many shops, restaurants and bars. The client wished to stand out in the long commercial street, where the majority of the buildings look very similar. In order to draw the pedestrians attention, we designed a dynamic facade with windows that lift up and open to create a three dimensional shape and to extend the connection between the street and the interior space. We chose a yellow color that will pop in the atmosphere of the urban street, inspired by the famous New York taxis and the Tel Aviv service cabs.



This project is a collaboration with interior designer Mickey Slonim.

The challenge we faced in this project, was to pour the company's content into a given structure with strict preservation settings, with the planning approach different than usual - from the micro to the macro
Thinking about details, highlighting existing elements and preserving existing ones with current touches.
The workflow was to layout the color palette, elements and decorations in the space and translate them into an innovative and complementary design language to create an overall experience. The selected palette was characterized by dark colors (blue / dark gray) to emphasize the existing elements and to create the contrast between the exterior and the interior.